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Cape Disappointment: A metaphor for the current climate

February 21, 2011

Cape Disappointment, originally uploaded by creativeisthmus.

As winter returns, I feel a little like this tree standing on a hill buffeted by the winds. Between the current political climate and the return of frigid wind and snow after a brief warm spell, the world seems rather dreary and harsh.

Although if history has taught us anything, perhaps something new can be created from even the most dismal outlooks (at least spring will come! That much is certain):

New Deal Project
New Deal Project, Cape Disappointment, directing the mouth of the Columbia River and making it more passable.

And in this creating something new, there is always hope for movement towards a brighter horizon:

A ship near Bay Center, WA.

Some photos from my time on the West Coast, sufficient to the day!

For More Information on Cape Disappointment, the last stop for Lewis and Clark’s Journey west, check out the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center website.  If you’re in the area, it’s really an amazing place to visit.  They do a wonderful job interpreting history and the nature there is quite brilliant.

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