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Red and Gold: Do I smell a change of season?

February 28, 2011

I can feel winter beginning to wane.

Yep, that’s the truth!  Although we’ve had three snow storms in the last week or so, each time the temperature pops back up into the thirties, sometimes even the forties and the snow begins to melt back down.  One step forward, two steps back… I can feel the exhilarating march of spring coming into my blood and bones!

For those of you blissfully removed from the winter climes, let me contrast this with about a month ago:

I would walk out my house and have to squeeze past the storm door because it was continually stuck on this mound of packed snow that had been slowly compressing down to ice for two to three months.  I would grab my boots, take my trusty shovel and beat and kick the mound of ice and snow until I could break enough chunks free to open the door just a little farther.  An ongoing project… The windows on the house seemed nearer because, no matter how much we tried to stay ahead of the snowfall, we’d end up with progressively packed snow and our drive increased in elevation by six oreight inches.  Why hello Neighbors, nice to be eye level with your windowsill, not to be creepy, it’s just the snow!  Ah the joys of winter.

This morning, I woke to rain.

Rain!  Huzzah!  Sweet cold rain turning the snow to slush and the ice to a mushy coating that, while still slippery, was slowly giving way to concrete.  I can see bits of green grass coming through and loads of mud from a season’s worth of plowing and shoveling.

I am realistic.  I know that winter has not released us completely.  But I can see the progression, the beginning of the change in seasons.  So, in honor of this shift, I am presenting you with a change in palate.  My photographs have been rather heavy on the grey and blue range with some flashes of yellow and pink–a natural consequence of our winter landscape–but, I think it’s time for some heavenly red and gold from the archives!

Huzzah for the change in season!

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  1. tigger permalink
    February 28, 2011 6:21 pm

    rain! we awoke to huge, beautiful snowflakes spinning in the sky, giving us another foot of snow. until this afternoon, when it began to drizzle on the snow. how i’d like to go straight from winter to summer, without the 3 months of mud we are facing here! your photographs warmed up my day.

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