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Thoughts from Hiking Above the Mediterranean In the Hills of Sitges

March 22, 2011

Prominence, originally uploaded by creativeisthmus.

A photo of the day:

Just beyond the city of Sitges on the Mediterranean coast of Spain is a lovely region of nature, preserved by the country with little more than hiking trails and a rail line running through it. Although Sitges is never more than a few hills away, once you get past the first rise or turn, it is practically invisible.

The sound of the wind through the scrub bushes of this arid landscape fills the ears in the silences that fall between the crashing of the waves against sandstone cliffs and small inlet beaches. I remember staring across the waters of the Mediterranean–so beautiful, so broad–from a landscape so different than the temperate forests I was raised in and thinking to myself,

This is an ocean of legends.

This is the body of water that inspired the tales of Ulysses, the Aeneid; the land that set the stage for the conquests of the Ottomans, the Romans; the sky beneath which explorers from Galileo to Lord Nelson set forth on voyages of conquest and glory; and a sea that has charmed the romance from story tellers throughout the centuries.

Truly a place whose history is of magnificent proportions and yet whose natural setting could set even the hardest heart to song with its beauty.


A song to set your heart to the mood: Tale of Brave Ulysses by Cream

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