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Chill spots, hot drinks–The Art and Ritual of the Local Coffee Shop Scene

March 29, 2011

I remember a dear friend of mine from high school would always suggest that catching up should occur with “a fancy drink and a scenic location.”  For us that often meant a coffee shop fancy cocoa and a drive to where the roads hit their ends overlooking the bay.  It was a good ritual for reminiscing and regaling each other with tales of the recent past.

Lately I’ve become acquainted with a different kind of hot drink ritual, the kind involving local music, students studying, and delicious local food as well as fancy drink.

There seems to be a serious art to the preparation and display of foods and individual beverage in local coffee shops.  And I am equally attracted to the beautiful reflection of light off the polished surfaces of bottles, mugs, and counters in these oft-darkened locales. Enjoy!


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