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Spotlight! When beautiful lighting makes my day

April 17, 2011

So a while back whilst cruising the internet in a spare moment I ran across two fashion bloggers whose photographs made excellent use of one of my favorite lightings:  winter sunlight.  (Don’t worry!  I’ve put links to their posts at the end of this entry so you can check out their work.)

I know it’s not winter, it really should feel even less like winter than it does, but to recap on what I love about what I consider “winter lighting”–although it’s also present in the southern southern hemisphere, indoors on cloudy days, and other such things.

Diffuse light indoors– more with rain or cloud but largely with winter where I am as well, there is a beautiful diffuse light coming in through the windows.  As I mentioned before, reminds me of the work of the Dutch Masters.

Extreme sun angle–in the depths of winter, whether far north or south, we see a tilt in the angle of the sun.  It never really strays far from the horizon (far to eager to return to bed) but in that period it casts quite striking shadows, even during the time of day when the light is not hued by the rising or setting of the sun.  Creates some very interesting environments and photographs.

Cold Clear Sky, Clear Pale Light–this is a strange one to write about but I have experienced this in multiple places. Whether from the angle of the sun, the crispness of the air, the dryness of it or some other winter magic, the sunlight in winter often feels pale to me, like clear lemonade when compared to the brilliant saturated light of summer, like the palate of ripe peach.  It’s something I’ve notice but have a hard time Quantifying precisely.  Anyone else have thoughts?

On this note, I’m sending you off to some lovely photographs!

Two bloggers who have taken some lovely fashion photography utilizing winter sunlight coming in through windows.  From Orchid Grey and Blonde Bedhead.

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