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Bridge Builders: from the past to the now, dreams to creation, outcast to bridgebuilder

April 19, 2011

I wrote this poem some time ago but it seems appropriate for today.  A good friend of mine once called herself a bridge builder when asked if she ever felt like an outcast walking through life outside of what most folks consider the “mainstream.”  Not an outcast, a bridge builder.  This idea enchants me.  So much of what we do is creating new from old, taking the past and working into the wonder of today and loving up life the whole way through.   As we talk about activism, the future, hope and changing the world I tend to think that we are all bridge builders in our own way, connecting our world connecting each other.  I also happen to love some of the beautiful architecture of bridges; a magical meld of engineering genius and sweeping aesthetic lines that capture the imagination!


Stepping into the new

From a different angle

I hear the threads

Of a once familiar dance

And know that my feet

Have changed

So I walk

Not with the same steps

But entwined


And yet

A new waltz

A new walk

One that reflects

A different time

And I weave

The many realities of myself


As one

In the now

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  1. May 14, 2011 5:52 am

    Good points

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