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Tulips just have so much to say!

May 8, 2011

I live in a land of Spring!

The world, the ground, the trees, the plants, the very air is ALIVE with growth, exuberance, joy, sunshine, color and SPRING.

This is a season of wonder for me.  It creeps up on me.  One week we’re being downed with slushy snow and occasional sun, the next all the mud and chill is baked by some heat and WOW! there are the flowers, there are the leaf buds, there is the springtime!  Creeping up in the night to surprise us all

So, I’m wearing sandels and leaving my house without a coat these days and by far one of my favorite sights is a waving bed of tulips.  Tulips are always early bloomers and to me, they carry with them fond memories of springs gone by.  They tell me:  it’s here!  Spring is here and there’s so much more to come!  Leap, rejoice and be filled with exuberance!  Such a wonderful sea of floating color, catching the eye, so vibrant in the sun!  I’ve snapped some photos with my cell (hence the “painterly” quality as I like to think of it!) to share with you all.  How is the spring where you are??  I hope you are enjoying it!

In Joy!

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