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Feed the World and Save Women Too

May 16, 2011


I heard a Guru ask:  How can one appreciate God if one’s belly is empty?  How can one become enlightened when dying of hunger?  First the body must be fed and cared for.

I challenge you to feed someone this week!  Before Wednesday.  Feed anyone at all, if you don’t know who to feed or how, here are two organizations that do.  If you can feed more than one person, please do!

Feeding the People of World with the Sai Maa Vishnu Shakti Trust and Humanity in Unity

Episcopal Relief and Development working through communities in disaster relief and rebuilding.


I ask you:  How can your daughters, wives, sisters and mothers live free lives when they are not protected by the law?  How can they express themselves and live as full human beings when they live in fear of sexual violence with institutionalized stigma and minimal opportunities for justice?  That is what senate bill S. 906 would do.

I challenge to send a letter to your senator, call them up and speak out!

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