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Adventure with a Capital A.

June 8, 2011

I mentioned a few posts back that I have a surprise for you all…

I am on an Adventure!

Adventure with a capital A.  The kind that involves traversing time zones, meandering in foreign tongues and the occasional run of travelers diarrhea…and I’m hoping to soon have a way to let you all join in on the adventure–well, not the diarrhea part, I don’t think anyone wants that!  But I’m looking into something between some way to buy your own personal postcard or a collection of stories, photos, and poems of the kind you find here but more than I’ll be posting 🙂  There will be more on this to come as I am still working out the details.

To give you some more information on my adventure, I am currently in Trujillo, Peru.  I am here for a mix of science, anthropology and vacation.  As much as I hate being a tourist, it’s hard not to be at the very least seen as one when one is a foreigner in a place frequented for tourism.  At least I know I won’t behave like the stereotypical tourist, I have a enough life experience to help prevent that.

Already, being back in South America, I am stuck by the contrasts, the blaring ups and downs of life, nature and people here.  The coast of Peru is a land where dessert abuts ocean, where clouds cover the skies for months yet never rain, where the poor streets contrast with ones of extreme wealth, were almost anything can be painted in bright popping colors and the constant din of taxis, combis, mototaxis and bicycles is muted by the quiet sanctity of inner courtyards; where one can walk down a street to see fisherman in anciently designed boats using modern Styrofoam for lift next to muscled surfers with modern boards who tower over everyone else in height.  Where the reckless swing of traffic through the streets is as harrowing as it is miraculous considering how often one feels that everyone is about to collide yet they rarely do!  Beautiful flowers, ancient ruins, spicy aji, ocean surf, derelict neighborhoods, hidden spaces, growing buildings, labyrinth streets and towering mountains of scrub plants and dust next to irrigated fertile fields stretching across the plains to the ocean.

More to come…


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