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Project Siesta–and the oddity of returns

July 9, 2011

So having now spent over a month living on the daily rhythm of a place well-steeped in a tradition of siesta, I must admit I am becoming rather attached to late lunches, quiet afternoons and evening streets filled with people and venders. This might even be converting me to –gasp!–a lover of early mornings.  I’ve enjoyed taking advantage of my extended mornings as great times to work and be productive and with the promise of some relaxation during the sleepy part of the afternoon, it’s pretty a pretty good deal!

I doubt I will convert many in my home area to this schedule but I am aiming to bring some of it back for my own use.  Fuse it with my daily life in the states.

Perhaps in truth this is largely a reflection of my impending departure.  When I leave a place I have come to know as much as I’ve come to know this one, there is always a measure of sadness in my heart and it fuses with my desire to create my life from the newness of an enriched perspective–like elaborate spanish tile and open architecture mixed with northern cherry trees and tulip fields; racing combis leading to deserted rustbelt urban decay; dry sands leading to oceans meeting the oceans that wade into fields of marsh grass and deciduous trees; the redness of scarlet tanagers against flowering trees of poinsettia and fuschia blending in the breeze with the scarlet leaves of autumn in the north.  Two homes whose memories are imprinted upon one mind, one heart, one soul.


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  1. tigger permalink
    July 10, 2011 8:24 am

    can you imagine how much better a place the usa would be if we lived like this? afternoon naps for all, leisurely lunches instead of scarfing something on the run… sounds wonderful.

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