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Prints for Sale–Mountains of Bliss, Moments of Bliss

September 3, 2011

Hello Dear Readers!

As promised, I am now offering prints of my photography–both framed and unframed–for sale.

A few weeks ago, I decided to take the funding of my adventures into my own hands in a very real way.  This is the major impetus for this move.

So I invite you to come, be part of the adventure and purchase a photograph.

As my next big adventure will take me to Denver, I have created a mountain-themed trio as my first print offering titled:  Mountains of Bliss, Moments of Bliss.  Additionally, I take special requests!  If there is a photograph I’ve taken anywhere in my blog or on my flickr that you’d like a print of, just type the name of the print and where you found it into the order form and I will absolutely get it to you!

Prices and Size Options:

Really Big–8×10 framed $50
Really Big–8×10 unframed $40
Large– 5×7 framed $35
Large– 5×7 unframed $30
Medium– 4×6 framed $25
Medium–4×6 unframed  $15

How to purchase:

Take a look at the images below, choose the one (or ones) that you would like and click on the preferred size above.  This will take you to the Paypal payment page.

When completing the order, there will be a box asking Which print?  Just type the name of the image (e.g. “Dawn” for “Mirror Lakes at Dawn” will be more than enough!) and follow the rest of the paypal instructions.

If you’d like to make a special request, please include the title of the image you’d like (if it’s from one of my blog entries, scroll over the image to see the title; if it’s from flickr, the title is with the image).  If you have any difficulty or any questions, please email me at

Images Available:  Mountains of Bliss, Moments of Bliss

Mirror Lakes at Dawn--New Zealand

Coromandel Sunset--New Zealand

Oregon Coast in Rain--USA

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