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Clouds across the crystalline sky–what do you do when “Sh** Happens”?

October 20, 2011

There is a saying I’ve heard…perhaps you’ve heard it too, it goes something like “Sh** Happens.”

True, but it’s really not the sh** that matters or even the happens, it’s what we choose to do with it. Our responses to the inevitable pushes of life are what define us as human beings, as members of this big human family and for ourselves in our own lives, our own esteem. So I share with you today a beautiful teaching from my teacher, Sai Maa (paraphrased by me):

All these things, these emotions, these happenings–they are like clouds across a blue sky. You are not the clouds, you are, always were and always will be the beautiful crystalline blue sky.

There are times when we might forgot this truth but for me, coming back to it again and again helps me define the reality I choose to create–helps me define how I choose to deal with any life “happenings.”  And for me, that makes all the difference!

I have recently begun to read and work with Swami Parameshwarananda’s new book “In the Path of Light with Maa” and I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone.  You can find the electronic version here.

More background on Sai Maa here and information on her teachings and workshops here.

Om Jai Jai Sai Maa! 

(I honor the Divine Mother within me, within you)

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