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Gratitude and Climbing Trees

November 25, 2011

Before I launch on this weeks full post, I’d like to clear something up with you.  It’s been my unspoken intention this year to create beautiful posts for you each week, near the weekend.  This week, I am late on this promise to you.  I am sorry and I hope that your week has been wonderful anyway.  This week’s post will still be happening!  So you won’t miss out a bit.

Gratitude.  Opens the heart, opens the mind, opens every part of me to the love of the world.  It’s amazing.  It’s miraculous.  It’s a flower of life’s experience and a truth of the world that astonishes me.

I am grateful to each of you, my dear readers.

I am grateful to my friends, my acquaintances, all the people who contribute to this beautiful world I am privileged to take part in.

I am grateful for those who make me angry, who frustrate me, who push me and who have done me “wrong” for you reflect the truths of me that I sometimes don’t want to see and that gives me the opportunity to shift and grow (even though I may not see it at the time).

I am grateful for the sunshine, the rain, the seasons and the bounty of fruit, greens and grains that come in every year from this amazing partnership of sun and soil and plants.

I am grateful for science fiction and fantasy for giving my imagination an unbelievable palate upon which to play and my society a bevy of secret jokes and references that bring us together and certainly make us laugh.

I am grateful for my sweet puppy and wonderful kitten (though they are quite aged now) for being in my life, for living in my home and for being ebullient balls of light and attitude and love.

I am Grateful to my Guru, her Guru and all the Great Spiritual Masters who inspire, enlighten and lift humanity to heights of new potential and love.  Your presence in my life has and continues to make All The Difference.  Thank you, thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.  May I be a Light in this world as you are and spread the Love and Caring and Transformation I have witnessed as you do.

I am grateful.  Mmmm, the Taste of Gratitude.

A World so Beautiful we can just climb trees in the sunset and Enjoy!

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  1. Inna permalink
    November 25, 2011 3:05 pm

    Rachel, that was beautiful! I especially liked the part where you thank those who frustrate you and make you angry! It is incredibly enlightening and liberating to see/frame something bad as something good. I have long ago came to the conclusion that one grows through pain much more than through happiness. However I have not yet learned to embrace those who inflict pain on me. In fact, it may never happen… and complete embracing may be unhealthy. But since sometimes the pain/frustration/anger is unavoidable, you may as well learn from it and take it as windows of opportunity… to look into yourself and into the wholeness and completeness of human experience….

    Thank you for that reminder…

    • November 26, 2011 2:34 pm

      Thank you! I like what you say about looking into the completeness of the human experience. I know that for me perfectionism can be both a means to an end and a trap in and of itself and the reminder is good that the whole of the human experience is complete in and of itself.

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