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Painting the World With Language

December 7, 2011

Imagine a field, any field you like.

What is a place without description?  What is a story without the depth and rich color of language?

What is a field without even the name field?

Nothing, no boundaries, no separation, nothing.

Language shapes our whole world though we are often unaware of it.

Picture this field:  There is a grey mist hanging low amongst the twisted bows of trees.  The leaves lay scattered across the ground in the chill of November air.  The place is still beyond still and the horizon is obscured in a haze of sepia, brown and tan.  Mud sticks, cold and frosted in the morning’s aftermath while the fallen fence juts out at odd angles against black of wet tree bark and the blond strands of last season’s grass.


Pretty vivid?


Now how does the field change when I add this?

Looking beneath the spreading bows of the old oak tree, the last of the seasons flowers lay bright against the barren earth.  A chickadee flies by in a flash of yellow and the lowing and clinking of cowbells can be heard in the distance.  The greens of late fall still grow by the side of the fence and as the morning wanes the warmth of the sun begins to melt the frost and burn off the fog.  Light spreads across the golden remains of summer’s hay and the hoarfrost sparkles in the sun.

A very different picture but not precisely inconsistent.


How do we frame our everyday world?  How do we discuss what we do, what we love, what is important to us?  Take a look and see what you see.  Are you creating a reality that traps you or frees you?  One that gives you joy, laughter, creativity, depression, drama, anger or any other of the thousands of emotions we all experience racing through out minds any given moment.

Speak your truth, speak your life into existence and be the Author!  The Genius, The Alchemist, The Wizard, The Muse–not just describing but creating the world that surrounds you both inside and out with all that you desire.

Happy Inspiring!

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