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Perfectionist challenge–appreciating what is…as is

January 28, 2012

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As you may have guessed–I love to find the beauty in all things.

For me, I remember this beginning as a child riding to school past muddy fields and clouded skies in the early spring.  Somehow I shifted to trying to see this landscape as something beautiful and I began to appreciate the angles of the tawny broken corn stalks left from the past year, the patterns of the clouds and the way it all hung together from the melting snow to the first shoots of green coming up through the brown.  I was lucky–if I hadn’t been looking for the beauty, I don’t think I would have caught all the tiny moments of seasonal change–the first sprouting of the winter wheat coming back, eagles circling overhead on their annual migration, those mornings when the temperature of the river and the air was such that tendrils of mist rose off the river into the trees nearby and other mornings when the early sunlight tinted every bit of frost and dew a beautiful bright golden color.  Watching the seasons is still one of my great loves and continually inspires me in my photography.

Something that challenged me for a long time was finding the beauty in myself–seeing myself as someone beautiful, whole, complete, perfect just as I am.  It may not surprise you but I have quite a perfectionist streak in me and oftentimes, it gets in the way of my appreciation of myself, of the world and of others.  One of the things I love about photography, about dance, about meditation and about intensely focused activities is that they let me step out of my head, see the small details and the big picture, appreciate and truly LIVE in the moment.

I have to admit–lately I have been lax in my creative life and whether it’s a reflection of my inner state or the other way around I can’t say definitively–a chicken and egg scenario!  Thinking about it today though, I feel again that steady inner pull to create space in my life for creativity.  In a very apropos manner, a good friend of mine forwarded me a “Weekly Action Alert” from this week with the title “Get Healthy:  Give Yourself a Break” and I must say.  I love it!  I’m going to give this a go!  Here is the prompt:

“This week’s Get Healthy action is about giving yourself the gift of self-love and acceptance. It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself, to let go of “perfectionism,” and to celebrate your authenticity. Take 10 minutes this week to step back, breathe and appreciate who you are and where you are in your life. Write down or think of three things you love about your appearance, your personal life, and your professional life. Use these notes as inspiration during the rest of your week and don’t be surprised if feelings of gratitude arise!”

How does this ring with you?  If you’re as enthused as I am about the possibilities this creates or just need that break from the inner critic, give it a go.  I would love to hear about it!  Next week I’ll share my experience with this one with you all!

Wishing you all of the very very best from my warm room in a windy, wintery city to wherever you are!

The slideshow at the top is My Wall of Insiration–artified!  Taken today, the first photography all week!

to see the individual photos:

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  1. January 28, 2012 11:54 pm

    Really made me start thinking about myself in a positive light, thank you! This is awesome stuff!


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