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Coming Straight and Biking in the Moonlight with Cocoa

February 5, 2012

So first I must be straight with each of you.  I did not follow through on my own challenge for this week.  I did not take a look at three things in my appearance, my personal life and my professional life that I love and remind myself of them during the week.  I thought–hey that’s a great idea!  But I delayed in taking action on it.  To me this seems a symptom of many things in my life and perhaps in the lives of others as well.  This morning, I finally sat down and took a look at what I loved in each area.  I’m going to share that with you now.  I’m seeing in this that there’s a part of me that avoids looking at the good at me–some ill-begotten belief that it’s wrong or that I won’t move forward either way, being a perfectionist who is never good enough has become a comfortable way of being and acting for me–though it rarely leaves me satisfied.  It may work in the short term but never in the long.  So I’m taking on this challenge again.  If you thought–hey that sounds great! and then didn’t move or even if you did take action, I invite you to join me in a week of looking at the positives and recognizing oneself as the grand and wonderful person that we each and every one of us are.  We each make a difference in every moment whether we know it or not.  And that’s beautiful.  So try on looking at what we love about ourselves and our lives, giving ourselves a break from self tear downs and reaching for the stars, creating bliss in life.

What I love about….

My Appearance: I love that 1) my eyes are lovely and green, 2) I am tall and confident, 3) my fingernails look like a French manicure without me doing anything

My Personal Life:  I love that 1) I have an amazing spiritual teacher who truly loves everyone and is the most moving embodiment of divine love I have ever encountered, and she loves me! 2) I’ve kept up with friends for many years even though we’ve been apart by wide distances and have wonderful long term friends, truly deep relationships, 3) I’m growing my relationship with my family–both immediate and extended.

My Professional Life:  I love that 1) I get to do amazing things for people every day, 2) I love the research I get to do, 3) I have an amazing opportunity to move forward in my career path and I took the courage and applied for it!

I am so grateful for all of these and for so much more in my life.


Speaking of Gratitude.  I am sharing with you some photographs from today.  What better way to spend an early day in February than on a winter bike ride with a good friend?  Well…how about having that ride including some beautiful sights, hot cocoa at a rest, and a moonlight race along an empty path?  Combined, this all made today stand out as utterly spectacular!  How amazing 🙂  I am so blessed!

I hope you each enjoy your weeks!

All the best!




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