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Beyond Perfection??

February 11, 2012


Is it possible to move beyond perfection?  Not to something greater, not to something even more perfect but perhaps to something less diabolical, less mind bending and more accepting?

Two weeks ago, I posted with a challenge on accepting oneself, letting go of perfectionism and giving ourselves a break in life from our own inner critic….ahem, I should say giving myself a break from my own inner critic.  Last week, I posted on how I’d failed that challenge and what it might actually mean to give up the “I’m not good enough” dialog.  It’s a toughy.  I have to say, I still had my inner voice this week, but I did find myself stepping into appreciation of me, of my life, of my job, of the people in my life and every time I looked at things from that perspective I had to stop and say–wow!  and really did find myself incredibly grateful for my life and all that’s in it right now.

I was watching a sci fi show the other week and one character was telling another that the secret to happiness is being happy with what you already have–the other responded with, but if I had what made me happy, I’d be happy already.  Many times in western culture, we look at this as a metaphor for objects and love to bring this up around Christmas or Thanksgiving.  I think though it can run deeper than that.  I can go to a place of–who I am is good enough, how I was made in this world is good enough, I have everything I need available to me right now just because I’m here, and that we are all each of us loved just as we are–whole complete and perfect.  My teacher said something once along the lines of this: don’t say you don’t love yourself–of course you love yourself, look at the lengths you go to just to survive!  I think though that I don’t always let myself feel that love, open up to it.  Some lie inside that if I’m content, I’d be stagnant–which of course is false.  I can be in life as I am in dance–joyful, content while moving and creating.  And appreciating the beauty of this life is also appreciating the beauty of me.

If you haven’t yet tried the exercise–you can find it here.  The short version though is–Pick three things you love about your appearance, your personal life, and your professional life write them down and come back to them every day.  Let go of the inner critic for a week and see what happens.


All the best!

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  1. Rick permalink
    February 15, 2012 6:12 am

    I have learned to measure my life not by my own inner voice or outer appearance, but by God love for me. I never seemed to measure up when compared to others.. but I see a reflection of my self in God’s eyes and I experience nothing but infinite love, acceptance and grace. Its sets me free to be me.

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