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What do I want?

March 4, 2012

I want to live in a world where all the youth have the opportunity to succeed.  Where people of all kinds, shapes and backgrounds have choice in their lives and the opportunity to step into the greatness of who they can be.  I want everyone to know that they were made for greatness and capable of amazing things–as one man said, that they were born to make a difference.  I want the people of this world to live in safe communities, to have the opportunity to build loving families, loving relationships and a beautiful world as far as the imagination can stretch–farther even.  I want to live in a world where love and joy are the primary currency of human interaction and safety is something that is not fought for but a baseline upon which all else is built.  I want to create a world where I would be overjoyed to welcome new children into it and invite them to take part in something integral to and yet far greater than any individual.  I want to live in a world where all people know themselves as beautiful, whole and perfect–where this is a fact and a foundation of human consciousness.  A world where healing is the fine art that it always strives to be, an act of perfect love, perhaps even unneeded, where every human cell in the body is known and cherished and where people are preserved in their natural dignity, honored and cared for.  A world of unity of oneness amidst all the breadth of human diversity.  I want to live in a world of love.  I want to create a world of love.

It begins with love, it ends with love and it is carried out with passion and an unstoppable heart.

If we fall, we get back up; if we tire, we rest in love; if we doubt or fall into despair, we dive back into ourselves, find support in our community and remember that those emotions of failure or not-good-enough are merely a fog upon a clear horizon–they do not define us and they are not part of us, the love and the passion are our essence and our nature.  As the heat of sun melts the fog with it’s warmth, so too must we only step back into this love to remember and be inspired, to live fully, to create and to continue fulfilling our hearts’ greatest desires in this world.

Out of this context, I paraphrase Frank Herbert’s Dune:  I will face my fear and let my fear pass through me for fear is the mind-killer.

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  1. tigger permalink
    March 6, 2012 6:48 pm

    hmmm. rethinking. i want to live in a world where everyone can succeed, not just youth.

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