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Why I like the unkempt yard

May 20, 2012

I love the unkempt yards
Where the grass and leaves straggle
Outside of the box
In uneven lines at the edge of concrete
Where clover mixes creeping Charlie
Where crabgrass and bluegrass mingle
And peeping violets and dandelions
Raise their heads
And wildflowers heed the call of summer’s Grace
Diversity at it’s best
There is no fault in perfectly edged lawns
And manicured homogenous grass
But I
Would miss the pass of seasons
Evidenced across the face of greenery
What would show the joy of spring, the laughter of summer summer or autumnal grace?
Who would survive the domino of blight?
No, I choose the unkempt lawn
The soft dance of wildness in the midst of civilization
With ease and joy and peace of mind
And leave the manicuring
To the realms of others


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