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The Wondrous Mystery. Abundance.

June 23, 2012

Sometimes, I become aware,

Present to the truth that

Life’s Blessings are so immense, so wondrous and huge

that my human mind cannot comprehend the immensity, the abundance

the abundance

that defies figures and facts and measures of physicality

the abundance

that sneaks its way into my heart when I least expect it

that abundance

that proclaims its LOVE supreme, that proclaims LOVE

and I know in that instance


as so deeply and profoundly loved, held, accepted by the universe,

by God, by my own Soul

that there is nothing


in the way

and there is only ONE


in LOVE.

And I am Grateful


Gratitude that permeates my whole being

in that same ONENESS.


Here is to the moments, large and small that reveal to each of us the true nature of who we are and of the love that surrounds all ways, all times, always whether we are present to it or not.


With Love and Gratitude,




I dedicate this post to My Beloved Sai Maa, to Mariamma and to all the Masters and Saints whose Love through the years has uplifted, held and sustained human kind in it’s evolution and spiritual path to Love and to Peace through Grace.

If you wish to meet Sai Maa she will be in Albany, NY July 6 and 7th and in Denver, Colorado this September.  See these websites for further information:




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