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Gratitude and Choice Take us to Empowerment

July 16, 2012

This week I’ve learned some major lessons. Gratitude opens the door through resistance to a space of peace. Opens the door to many things!

Our brains are hard wired to make sense of the world around us. In elementary school mythologies and constellations are often presented as ancient man trying to make sense of a world around him he didn’t understand. We do this every day–for ourselves, others, how we act, react, interact and explain. We are the product of our own inner legends, inner mythologies. The good news is–We have choice! Once we see the stories and sometimes even if we don’t, we have the choice to write our own and that is empowerment. Observe, become aware, pick up a pen and become the author of your life!

Opens the door through resistance
To a space of Peace

What we tell ourselves
About us
About the Universe

And we get to choose the stories we tell


Need some inspiration? This is a short film worth watching




For me, Landmark Education and the teachings of Sai Maa have given me the tools to implement this in my life. It is with Great Gratitude that I dedicate this post to my many mentors, teachers and those in my communities who have supported me and coached me, educating me, in being effective and free in my own life.

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  1. August 4, 2012 12:10 am

    creative: beautiful thoughts, superb photos! RT

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