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May 5, 2014

The first teaching My Guru Sai Maa offered me (I am filled with Gratitude writing these words!) was about moving through emotion.

At that time in my life, I would get caught up in intense feelings of overwhelm during my daily life. Not knowing how to deal with this, I gathered my courage and asked Sai Maa about this at a small Q and A session shortly after I first met Maa.

She asked me if I was feeling overwhelmed in that moment. I said yes, a little bit.

She asked me to feel it 100% and, though I was scared at what would happen, I said ok and tried it. At first I only got to about 70% by my estimate. She said, no problem, just try again.

For some reason, even then I couldn’t get to 100% and when I told Maa (thinking I was doing something wrong), she said “Oh? What happened?”

I responded, “It disappeared.” (Still thinking I’d done it wrong)
To which she said “Ah” with that knowing smile of hers.
I realized then that the overwhelm was completely gone and I was filled with calm and joy and a huge smile spread across my face.

This has been an incredibly powerful teaching for me over the past few years. Maa recently said that so often we humans will go into an emotion only a little bit, resisting it, but if we would only go into it, feeling it 100% without mentally feeding the emotion, we would go through the tunnel to find the light at the other side.

Lately this practice has moved to a new place in which I find that moving into and breathing through moments of stress or anxiety brings me directly into the Love and immensity of my Soul, my Higher Self, and dissolves the internal conflict leaving only Love and deep connection to my Self.

If you want to try this, here is how I approach it:
1) Identify the emotion (naming it can be helpful for clarity, but feeling it is sufficient. Take it one emotion at a time to start)
2) Feel it in the body, notice where there is tension or resistance
3) Focus on the area where you feel the emotion and really let yourself feel it 100% while consciously bringing the breath in this area.

Note: This is not a mental exercise! I have had success with this only when I feel what is present rather than thinking about how it feels.

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