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Action as a Barometer for Change

August 14, 2014

Hello Beautiful People of the World,

In a recent conversation, I saw for the first time that action can be used as a barometer for growth and change in my life.

When I look at a class, a book or an interaction which seems to present an opportunity for me to grow as a human being I have in the past wondered–is it worth it to continue?  Is this actually something useful or am I merely engaging in proverbial “navel gazing” ? 

Well, consider that points in life of real growth take one to a place of new action.  A transformative conversation may have me re-evaluate how I’ve been approaching a situation in my life.  If whatever I’m learning leads me to take new action, thus producing a new result, I am growing–if however, I sit back and say “oh that’s neat” or “what an interesting theory,” but take no action from it, I may not actually be growing.  

The one place I see where this could get sticky for folks is in those areas where “action” doesn’t look like doing an outward thing so much as it looks like a shifted point of view.  Though we aren’t always aware of it, a shifted viewpoint often DOES have us take different actions though it can be a subtler shift–for me it is often in my speaking or in my listening and I’m not always immediately aware of this change.  If you feel like your internal state has shifted but you don’t see a radical change in your actions–ask yourself if people in your life are appearing differently or relating to you in a new way.  If yes, look at how you are being with them–this will often uncover subtle changes in your actions.  

On the flip side, if you’re saying “I’m totally radically transformed in how I view the world from experience x” and you don’t see any immediate shift in your world–whether in your actions or how others are relating to you–I would look at whether you are actually growing in your life or merely enjoying a new idea.  Look at the actions your taking and if you are taking no new actions and having no shift in your standard way of being, the question I would ask is: how can I take this transformed view into my life such that my life and the lives of those around me are transformed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or if you have any experience in this area!


With Love and Gratitude,


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