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Breaking down the walls and letting the sun shine through

October 1, 2011

Have you ever woken up with that fuzzy, warm life-is-beautiful-and-I-feel-yummy-in-my-body feeling?  The kind of thing that makes you want to enjoy every inch of a stretch in bed, every rustle of the covers and even the chill air of the morning on your skin?

For me, many mornings like these have ended rather prematurely with the realization that I “must do” x, y or z which I’ve told myself involves work, involves closing off the juiciness, involves leaving the joy behind.

I have recently become aware that this is just plain false.

There is no reason to drop the good morning when I roll out of bed.  There is no reason not to take the delicious feeling and enjoyment of being alive and let it flow into every part of my life.  Somewhere a long the way, I created these walls, these boundaries in my life between work, play, joy, creativity and usual tasks–and the truth of it is, they’re just that:  boundaries that I created and I can uncreate them just as easily.  By taking down these boundaries, one by one each time I find them, I’m freeing my life from the weighty expectations I had once placed on work, play and many other tasks.  Through this process, I’m beginning to understand that balance in life is about self nourishment, it’s about what’s going on inside, not just what’s going on outside.  And, yes, when I break down the barriers, I let that juicy, first thing on a delicious morning aliveness flow into other parts of my life and transform them into moments of joy, moments that nourish.

Yes, I still love to go go go.  What can I say, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie…but that is part of balance too.  Letting joy into this part of my life means that my go go going doesn’t have to be staunch and torturous, it can be just as alive and envigorating as any other part of the day.  And by being aware of the inner, not just the outer, I begin to know when it’s time to shift from the go go go to a different pace.

In taking down these boundaries, by opening myself up to the unfolding possibility of joy in every part of my life, I feel as though I’m gazing out across the wide expanse of my life and seeing the very landscape shift dynamically before me.  It is beautiful and freeing.


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